Hardwood flooring 101


Hardwood flooring 101

If you're new to hardwood flooring, a few facts about the flooring line can be a powerful tool. First, these durable, long-lasting materials offer one of the most extended lifespans. So, you'll want to know more about these floors as you browse the inventory.

If you're looking for floors for a perfect decor match, you'll have a lot to choose from. But if you need durability, you'll get excellent coverage as well. The more you know, the better your service, so find out more about wood floors today.

The basics of decor matching

Matching your decor is an integral part of your floor shopping experience. And wood floors offer something for everyone. You'll want to start at the species level for a great start to your new look.

To the species, you can add plenty of benefits like width, length, stain color, and finish type. But you'll also have options in format and installation layout. The result will be a floor covering customized for your best look.

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The basics of durability

Engineered wood flooring offers impressive durability traits for all. These floors feature a layered construction that's more resistant to dampness and humidity. We can even refinish these floors, just like solid hardwood flooring.

You should know that species also play a massive role in your floor's durability. Some are harder than others, making them better for your busiest rooms. Then, you can add sealant and finish for the perfect results.

The basics of installation

Acclimation must come before the installation of these materials for the best results. Without it, your floors could warp, crack, or split after the hardwood flooring installation is over. Acclimation takes about one to three days, depending on your specific choices.

A professional installation is the best way to protect an investment of this size. And it ensures your manufacturer's warranty is not voided as well. We'll give you all your details once you choose a specific material.
Hardwood flooring 101 in Middletown, DE from Hardwood Direct

Enjoy the best hardwood flooring today

When you visit Hardwood Direct, you'll find a flooring provider with a heart for our customers. Once you see us, you'll find the best materials in our well-stocked showroom. And our experienced associates will be standing by to help you browse.

For the best hardwood flooring, visit our Middletown, DE showroom. From there, we serve Middletown, DE, Townsend, DE, Odessa, DE, Smyrna, DE, and Bear, DE. And we're ready to work toward your best results any time, so stop by today.